Concept and Design

Lutrons works with clients at the early stages of the concept to help identify and drive the process of capturing all elements of the client’s requirements, these include project delivery, key milestones, gate reviews, hardware and software architecture, design for manufacture (DFM), design for test (DFT), IP ownership, commercial targets, functionality, aesthetic requirements, product longevity and quality.

Using the Lutrons online client project portal, we provide a clear and up to date understanding at any stage during the project lifecycle.

As part of our hardware delivery process, we adopt DFM and DFT to ensure we achieve the most efficient manufacturing process and eliminate any potential for waste, therefore ensuring the client meet their forecasted profit returns when the product is released into the market place. The Lutrons software development process uses Agile development techniques to identify, design, develop and test key mile stones during the development and release process.

Lutrons’ services include:

  • Design consultancy – creating innovative designs that are robust and fit for their intended purpose
  • Feasibility testing to ensure we achieve the required goals
  • Mobile Cross-Platform iOS/Android, Payment Processing (ApplePay/GooglePay/PayPal)
  • 3D CAD design & modelling
  • Scalable cloud architectures
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Certification process assistance
  • Web development processes
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