An ever increasing number of businesses are looking at global markets to determine the best way to achieve a competitive edge over their competition, without having to sacrifice quality of build and industry leading service from their supply chain partners.

Lutrons have a diverse client base that spans many continents of the world, each having a different view of what is or is not important to make their business run efficiently. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to meet various global requirements.

We offer the following UK small to medium electronic manufacturing services:

  • UK small to medium electronic manufacturing services covering:
    • Full or partial turnkey solutions
    • Lead time reduction through smart inventory management
    • Option for the Client to free issue all materials
    • Surface mount production down to 0201 case size
    • Through hole production
    • Electrical test services
    • Creation of test fixtures
    • Box build
    • Bespoke labelling if required (e.g. Barcode / QR code, graphics etc..)
    • IPR risk and control management
  • Offshore manufacturing via approved Asian partners for large volumes, you simply deal with the UK.
  • English, Cantonese and Mandarin speaking staff to remove language barriers of dealing with Asia.
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